Anyone who is involved in the sport of auto racing can tell you that sponsorship is essential for any team to be successful and progress within the sport. There is no exception to that rule at Swartzlander Racing. If you had the opportunity to speak with Brian Swartzlander or his crew about sponsorship, they would tell you that Swartzlander Racing would not exist without McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc. They would also tell you that MEI and the McCutcheon family are much more than just a sponsor, they are a major part of the Swartzlander Racing family.

Over the years, the McCutcheon family has developed a relationship far beyond the financial operations of the Swartzlander Race Team, and they have played an integral part in the overall success of its endeavors. Without their help, the feature victories and track championships would be a mere fraction of their current status. McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc. has offered a world of support to the Swartzlander Race Team, and their devotion to perfection has pushed our program into the future of dirt modified racing.

Calvin McCutcheon, owner and president of McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc., joined forces with Brian Swartzlander and Swartzlander Racing in 1993. From that point on, Calvin, his wife Julie, and his sons Chad and Nathan became loyal fans and emotional supporters of Swartzlander Racing. As the years went on, the commitment to excellence displayed by both Swartzlander Racing and MEI transformed the race team into one of the elite modified teams in Western Pennsylvania. Over the 20 year span of sponsorship, Brian Swartzlander scored over 170 feature victories, 15 track championships, 3 Bicknell Racing Products Tour championships, and 3 Cavalcade of Auto Racing championships including 25 feature victories, 3 track championships, and a modified tour championship in 1998. These impressive statistics are a result of hard work and determination put forth by the Swartzlander Racing family and we are determined to progress indefinitely.

At the 2003 Lernerville awards banquet, Brian Swartzlander paid tribute to Calvin, Julie, Chad and Nathan McCutcheon for their support over the years. He dedicated his 2003 Lernerville points’ championship to Calvin McCutcheon and McCutcheon Enterprises, Inc., and awarded Calvin with the championship trophy. Brian concluded his awards speech in appreciation. “When you think back on it, it is pretty impressive. Almost all of our wins came under the sponsorship of McCutcheon Enterprises. That speaks for itself. We could not have done it all these years without them.”